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The traditional Colli Piacentini wine. Made from the combined fermentation of Barbera (60%) and Croatina (40%) grapes. With a deep, bright red colour, our Gutturnio Superiore flaunts red fruit aromas and a fresh, tangy palate that makes it an ideal pairing to cured meats and regional dishes. The Gutturnio DOC takes its name from an ancient vase found in the province’s countryside, used by the Romans to serve wine during their banquets. Today it is Piacenza’s flagship wine.


Red Wine

D.O.C. (denomination of controlled origin)

Colli Piacentini Gutturnio Superiore

Soil clay and marl alluvium

Cultivation: Vineyard planted from 1965 to 1995 - no fertilization
Training method single spurred cordon and simple guyotgrapes barbera and bonarda;
Plants per hectare 5,000
Yield per hectare 6,000 Kg

Wine-making process: Selected yeasts fermentation time 20 days

Wood 100% small French oak

Turnover of wood 30% per year

Aging in wood 9 months


Colour intense red
Scent ripe fruit and spices
Taste soft with an aftertaste of red fruits

Suitable with cold cuts and red meat

Producer’s notes:

Personality and tradition.
The history of a thousand families brings us this mysterious wine of ancient Roman origins, the result of the simultaneousharvest of two different vine species (Bonarda and Barbera) and a refining process in wooden barrels. The name Gutturnio derives from the name of an ancient roman vase which was used for drinking wine during banquets. This wine can be easilyrecognized for the uniqueness of its flavour that blends the fresh tenacity of Barbera with the red power of Bonarda. Gutturnio is the flagship wine of the province of Piacenza, it is its portrait,with its charming mildness and austere elegance. The wine from the best vintages is collected in a reserve, with grapes from the oldest vineyards, which contributes to the production of our Ala del Drago.

Luretta, Gutturnio Superiore BIO Colli Piacentini DOC, 2018

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