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VARIETY: Greco di Tufo 100%

VINEYARD AND SOIL: The estates of Tufo and Petruro Irpino are sited mainly on mid-mixture, loose and well drained soils on a South-East exposure and on avarage at 450 m a.s.l. The training system is the espalier with guyot pruning with a density of plantation of 3,000 vines/hectare (about 1,200 vines/acre) on average and an yeald of about 8,000 kg/ha (7,140 lbs/acres) and 2.6 kg/vine (5.8 lbs/vine).

AGE OF VINEYARD: On average 15 years old.

HARVEST PERIOD AND TYPOLOGY: First part of October, manual harvest.

VINIFICATION AND REFINING: Classic white vinification in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature. Refines for at least one month in the bottle.

Mastroberardino, Greco di Tufo (halves) DOCG, 2011

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