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One of the oldest brewerys in the Fushimi of Kyoto. They care about seasonality and each sake's character Japanese culture has been created by farming and breweing.

Sake is the very nature of Japanese culture; you have to be aware of this in order to understand and enjoy Sake fully. They also particularly stick to locally grown ingredients.

In 1991, they brought a rebirth of Kyoto originated sake rice "IWAI" organically. They also started to brew with Kyoto originated yeast from 2005.


Rested Daiginjo sake in a special urn quietly. Amber coloured flavourfull aged 10 years old Daiginjo. The image is equivalent of Shangri-La in China, which was poplar in Japan in 17th centry.

Masuda Tokubee Shoten, Kohakukou (Junmai Daiginjo)

SKU: M006
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