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This is a historic variety, symbolising not only the regional tradition, but also Italian oenology as a whole.
In 1987 Albana di Romagna was the first white wine to be granted the D.O.C.G. appellation, the top acknowledgement for Italian wines. The golden colour reveals rich extraction qualities, resulting from rare oenological values. Its elegant and sumptuous intensity on the nose is caressed by warm, gentle, ripe and spicy notes. Intriguing complexity on the palate, enthralling overripe notes enhance a sapid and mineral structure balancing it and giving life to a remarkably thick texture. Obtained from late harvest.

CLASSIFICATION: RomagnaAlbana D.O.C.G. Secco


PRODUCTION AREA: Tenuta Merlotta, Colli d’Imola

LONGEVITY: 10 years

ASPECT: Intense yellow, embellished by golden highlights.

TASTE: Sumptuous on the palate, bursting with a wealth of flavours. A subtle mineral hint creates a harmonious dialogue between the flavour of yellow apricots, acacia honey and almond paste.

AROMA: Elegant, intense and lingering. Complex citrus fruit and spicy hints nicely mix with notes of tropical fruit and warm honey overtones.

SERVICE: 10-12°C


WINE-MAKING TECHNIQUE: In good years we wait for grapes to be attacked by botritys cinerea. Grapes are selected in the vineyard, picked by hand and collected in small crates. Then they are gently placed into the press and submitted to cryomaceration. Controlled temperature fermentation: ageing sur lies from 180 to 240 days. Bottle ageing from 4 to 5 month.

Merlotta, Albana di Romagna secco 'Fondatori GP' DOCG, 2016

SKU: 15860_2016
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