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The colours and temptations of the night intertwine with your dreams: it is the scent of summer that inebriates and captures you. This is the most daring of our sparkling wines, capable of winning you over at the first sip. Its elegant perlage sparkles with antique pink highlights.
Vibrations of natural purity and the cleanliness of crystalline transformation embellish the elegant framework of taste with a final.


Classification: Vino SpumanteRosè Dry

Production Area: Tenuta Merlotta,Colli d’Imola

Grape Varieties: Pinot Nero 100%

Aspect: Antique pink; fine and lingering perlage.

Aroma: Complex and fragrant. Refined perceptions of wild strawberries, cherries and currants, blended with hints of hawthorn flowers.

Taste: Fresh and fruity, supported by an excellent structure and a very pleasant acidic touch. The long and persistent finish recalls sweet almonds and mild spices.

Service: 8-10°C

Wine-Making Technique: After being carefully picked by hand, grapes are gently de-stemmed and submitted to maceration. Great experience is required to achieve the perfect pink colouring that depends on maceration time. The must is sent to the fermentation stage with very precise timing.“Sur lies” ageing is carried out for 240 days.

Merlotta, Gran Rosé Dry 'Prèdio', 2017

SKU: merlotta_rose_dry_predio
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