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With the authoritative character of a flagship product. Unmistakeable and enthralling as only great wines can be. The charisma of quality and a decisive modern, dynamic vitality. The family’s Riserva wine shows great expressive power, as well as impressive and enveloping fullness on the nose with gentle spicy notes that elegantly caress the palate with harmonious continuity, creating an intriguing and complex symbiosis between amazing thickness and silky smoothness. Free from any constraint, a value that comes from the past while keeping pace with the present. No compromise, no concession: only the best for this iconic wine.

Authoritative personality

CLASSIFICATION: Romagna D.O.C. Sangiovese Superiore Riserva

GRAPE VARIETIES: Sangiovese 100% (different clones)

PRODUCTION AREA: Tenuta Merlotta Colli d'Imola

LONGEVITY: 20 years

ASPECT: Ruby red, enhanced by gamet highlights

TASTE: Opulent, deep, with great fineness, with plenty of fruity and mineral nuances as well as touches of chocolate, leather and coffee.

AROMA: Elegant, intense and persistent, with ripe fruit notes, complex and sophisticated spicy hints.



WINE-MAKING TECHNIQUE: After a thorough selection in the vineyard and careful harvest , grapes are gently de-stemmed, then submit- ted to maceration and fermentation for about 30 days. Grape marc is placed in the press. After 12 months of patient ageing in oak barrels, this wine will be able to fully express its own richness and smooth elegance. Without filtration. Bottle ageing 12 months.

Merlotta, Sangiovese Superiore Riserva 'Fondatori PG' Magnum DOC, 2014

SKU: 15870M_2014
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