Luscious Traminer Aromatico is one of the world's most important grape varieties. Althought it is difficult to grow, this fruit creates enchanting, authentic wines when terroir and climate provide the right conditions.Its bouquet is intense and complex, rich in aromas reminescent of refined, exoticspices, delicate rose hips and tropical fruit. This is a wine that ages well and is pleasant to drink even after many years.



Variety: 100% Traminer Aromatico
Type of soil: gravelly calcareous clay

Plant density: 4,000-4,500 plants per hectare

Production: 8,000 kg/hectare

Growing method: Guyot

Harvest: second ten days of September



Grapes harvested when fully ripe are crushed and left to macerate for twelve hours at 8°C, in order to extract all the aromas. They then undergo soft pressing and low temperature (14-15°C) fermentation for approximately 15 days. Maturation takes place in steel on the lees, which are periodically pumped over (bâtonnage) to provide a soft, full wine.



Colour: straw yellow with old gold highlights. The colour of this wine comes from the pinkish hue of the grape skins, which deepens the shade of yellow.
Aroma: intense scents with typical floral hints of rose petals and sensations of tropical fruit, with an end note of refined spices such as nutmeg and aniseed. Also features herbaceous hints of sage, mint and thyme.
Flavour: fine, fully aromatic and delicately mineral. Lingering, sapid, velvety end note.



an excellent aperitif, it is delicious with spicy oriental cuisine and typical Mediterranean fish dishes such as seafood risotto and grilled shellfish. Try it with blue-veined or hard cheeses.



Temperature: 8-12 °C

Stemware: medium-sized tulip glass, narrowing towards the rim



Keep in a cool, dry place, away from sources of light and heat.



Alcohol: 13.00% Vol.

Sugar: 4-5 g/l

Total acidity: 5.00-5.50 g/l

Ph: 3.50-3.60

Sulphite content: 80-120 mg/l (over 40% lower than the legal limit)

Ornella Bellia, Traminer Aromatico Tre Venezie IGT, 2019

SKU: 11163_2019
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