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These wines represent my family’s traditional production, the wine that my grandfather first, and then my father, made in their profession as winegrowers, a tradition that has two thousand years of history here in San Miniato.

Here in San Miniato, Chianti has been produced right from the establishment of the Production Code, almost a century ago now; in fact, large quantities of San Miniato grapes still go to the great Florentine wine houses.

I make these wines today following the traditions handed down in my family, but with the same beliefs and techniques that I adopt for my more ambitious wines. Thus, I follow a quite different path from a great part of Tuscany, since for these wines too I use no international varieties, and my winemaking practices remain straightforward and respectful of the fruit.

My two Chiantis are composed largely of sangiovese with varying percentages of canaiolo, colorino, ciliegiolo, and malvasia nera. The grapes are harvested separately in September and October, as the different varieties ripen, and thus the fermentation periods vary.  They are carried out in lined cement vats, with very traditional 21-day macerations.

Chianti Riserva DOCG PIETRO BECONCINI, on the other hand, hews to tradition and matures one year and half in Slavonian oak, then spends up to 30 months in the bottle before release.

ALCOHOL: 14.0% by vol.

BLEND: Sangiovese (85%) Canaiolo (15%)

AGE OF VINES: over 50 years

GROWING AREA: San Miniato (Pisa), Italy.

TRAINING SYSTEM: Spurred cordon

HARVEST PERIOD: Second third of September And first of October.

SOILS PROFILE: Base of sandstone, with considerable intrusion of marine fossil formations, well integrated with abundant clay.

ALTITUDE: 100-150 m.

VINEYARD DENSITY: In temperature-controlled glass-lined cement vats,with 21 days’ maceration on the skins.

YIELD PER VINE: 2 kg grapes

VINIFICATION: 5,000 vines per hectare.


18 months in Slavonian Oak

8 months in glass

RECOMMENDATIONS: Store the bottle on its side at 20°C or less. Avoid full light. Uncork at least an hour before serving.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: First courses also elaborate, farmyard animals, typical Tuscan cuisine


Colour purple-edged deep ruby
Nose Rich, showing berry fruit and subtle vanilla
Palate lovely velvety texture, supported by expressive tannins

Pietro Beconcini, Chianti Riserva 'Pietro Beconcini' DOCG, 2016

SKU: 31255_2016
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