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TYPE OF WINE: Red, dry, made from a blend of wines obtained from separately fermented grapes.

GRAPE VARIETIES: From a selection of red grapes typical of our region (Pignolo, Refosco, Negrat, Givan, Fumat, Cianorie).

ZONE OF PRODUCTION: Fraz. Risano, Pavia di Udine (UD), Italy.

SOIL: Moderately loose-packed.

TRAINING SYSTEM: Single Guyot with 4,000 vines per hectare, short pruning which limits grape production, making it more complex and structured.

YIELD PER HECTARE: 60 quintals of grapes per hectare.

HARVEST: During the period of optimal ripeness, at the end of September.

VINIFICATION: With the technique of maceration on the skins at the controlled temperature of +10° to +28°C for a period of 10 days. Wines kept in stainless steel vats for approximately 6 months.

AGEING: 3 years in oak barrels of various origins (Allier, Limousin and Slavonia) to complete malolactic fermentation, 6 months in the bottle before being marketed.

TOTAL ACIDITY: 4.80 g/l in tartaric acid.

EXTRACT: 29.50 g/l.

COLOUR: Intense ruby red, bright with excellet Hues.

BOUQUET: Complex, good balance and delicacy with prevalent hints of wild berries, vanilla and spices.

TASTE: Velvety, dry without being harsh, with strength and quality, harmonic balance, extended aromatic length and great delicacy.

PAIRING: Pairs well with grilled red meats, game, poultry and aged cheeses.

SERVE: At the temperature of +18° to +20°C. Uncork the bottle half an hour before serving or decant to capture all of its unique subtleties.

CONSUMPTION AND AGEING POTENTIAL: Wine with characteristics which can be aged for 6-8 years if kept in optimal conditions.

Pighin, Rosso Riserva Villa Agricola Magnum DOC, 2003

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