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Locorotondo represents a classic among Apulian white wines, renowned for its freshness and drinkability. It is produced in the characteristic Itria valley with its famous “trulli” houses, from bush trained vines of the traditional Verdeca and Bianco d’Alessano varietal.


PRODUCTION AREA: The Locorotondo DOC zone, in the Murgia hills south-east of Bari, Puglia

VINEYARDS: Very distinctive low-trained spurred cordon system, at altitu- des of 300-350 metres in the Itria valley, on red soils with a gravel-pebbly texture. The average grape yield is 80-90 q./ha

WINE MAKING: Harvest time is between the end of September and the first week of october. After cultured yeasts are introduced to the settled must, the must is fermented at a controlled temperature of 18°C, which last about 10 days

AGEING: The wine is ready for release 5-6 months after the harvest

TASTING NOTES: Pale straw yellow colour; crisp, fruity flavours, with distinctive notes of fresh mown hay and rennet apple; dry, light-bodied palate, with a crisp-edged finish

RECOMMENDED WITH: An ideal partner to seafood appetizers, light soups and fish. Well chilled, it is excellent as an aperitif


Alcohol: 12.0% vol*

(* Depending on the year, the analytical values may vary slightly)

Total acidity: 5.70 g/l

pH: 3.35

Residual sugar: 2,70 g/l

Total S02: 75 mg/l

Rivera, Locorotondo DOC, 2020

SKU: 11209_2020
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