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We decided to focus on Pugnitello grape variety because of its great potential in terms of structure, aromas, flavours. Thanks to these hallmarks Pugnitello will become a Tuscany cult wine.


Denomination/Category: IGT Tuscany Red

Soil: Vineyards lay on argillous soil of medium textured, rich of stony and potassium.

Climate: Characterized by cold winter, strong range of temperature during all the year; medium rainfall 650 mm/year.

Grapes Varieties: Pugnitello 100%

Yield: 5,000 kG/hectare

Training system: Cordon spur of 8 buds/plant.

Planting density: 5,000 plants (vines)/hectare

Harvest period: Early October

Harvest-Vinification-Aging: Grapes are manually picked and sorted by a selection table. After destemming and light crushing grapes are vinified in French temperature-controlled truncated conical vats where they ferment for 14-16 days, depending on the year, with frequent pumping over and punching down operations. Malolactic fermentation and maturation take place in French oak cask for 12 months, followed by bottle aging before to release.

Wine: Deep ruby red in colour, intense, with shiny purple. On the nose comes out a wide range of aromas; rich and ripened fruit, black currant, dark berryfruit enlivened with a delicate vein of spice. On the palate, full and well-roundedwith notably refined, silky tannins. A seductive acidity keeps all components in balance, prolonging a finish that has an appealing fershness.

Alcohol: 13.5% vol*

(* Depending on the year, the analytical values may vary slightly)

San Ferdinando, Pugnitello Toscana Rosso IGT, 2016

SKU: 13210_2016
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