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Distillery Villa de Varda

Product category: Pomace spirit.
Raw material: Select Amarone della Valpolicella pomace, i.e. the skin and stems of dried Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella grapes. After the winemaking process, the fermented residues are collected, delicately pressed, placed inside sealed tanks and immediately distilled, in order to capture and preserve the quality, aromas and flavour of this great wine.
Distillation process: Batch distillation using a copper, bain-marie-heated pot still. The head and feints, i.e. the first and last condensate, are discarded, and only the heart is preserved. Distillation is extremely slow, to ensure that the volatile compounds responsible for the aromas and flavour evaporate and condense under ideal conditions.
Ageing: Six months in stainless steel tanks, to achieve a perfect balance.
Sensory impressions: Endowed with a brilliant, crystal-clear transparency, this grappa offers a rich, aromatic, warm and enticing nose, delicately fruity, with notes of vanilla, magnolia flowers and roses. The palate is soft, fine, warm and pungent, leaving a pleasant impression of dried fruit and candied peel; the fragrant pomace aftertaste is coherent with its bouquet.
Alcohol content: 40.0% vol.
Serving temperature: 8-10°C.
Recommended food pairings: Best enjoyed neat with some dark chocolate, strong blue cheese or honey-glazed fruit; it can also be used to prepare a variety of meat dishes or poured over fruit salads, desserts and ice cream.

Santa Sofia, Grappa bianca di Amarone 'La Morbida' 40.0% 70cl

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