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  • Type: Red.
  • Classification: Typical Geographical Indication of Calabria.
  • Vine: Magliocco.
  • Production area: Calabria, east centre in the province of Crotone, in Carfizzi “Motta” resort.
  • Soil: white clay.
  • Altimetry: from 200 to 300 metres above sea level.
  • Plant breeding system: espalier with a density of understocks of 5600 plants per hectare.
  • Climate: Mediterranean, with mild winters and warm and dry summers.
  • Grape harvest: manual, end of October.
  • Yield per hectare of grapes: 25-30
  • Vinification: traditional fermentation with 15-20 days steeping, drawing off and soft pressing.
  • Ripening: élevage in French durmast barriques for 24 months.
  • Refining: 24 months in bottles at a controlled temperature.
  • Tasting: Colour – purple red, particularly intense, with a light shade of violet. Scent – intense, delicate, opening up with soft fruit rising up to persistent and rich vanilla spiced scents, with balsamic notes. Flavour – it is warm and velvety to the palate, ample, complex, long and persistent. Great structure and longevity.
  • Alcoholic degree: 14% vol.
  • Gastronomic coupling: it goes well with roasted meat, lamb, boar and game. Ideal with hard, savoury and strong cheeses.
  • Service temperature: 17-18°C.


Tenuta Iuzzolini, Paternun IGT, 2011

SKU: 11327_2011
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